Tree of Life

1" sterling silver on 18" silver chain. The Tree of Life is a revered symbol in many faiths and cultures . The Tree connects all forms of creation and is the symbol of the Creator. It also represents complete abundance - something we could all use more of!

Designer Soma Seal started working as our translator. She took the jewelry training and discovered she had an amazing aptitude for jewelry. She has since become a trainer and program manager. Soma is the mother of two young children. It requires extensive planning and logistics for her to manage her family's needs while she is working, something many of us can relate to. Soma is great at counseling because she comes from a similar background and is blessed with innate compassion.

100% of the profits from our jewelry goes back to programs fighting slavery, and to the artisans who create our jewelry.  We take no markup in the US - our programs to help women and children become free and independent are also supported by charitable donations.  Your purchase of this unique jewelry helps us educate, train and employ women coming out of trafficking and other severe abuse. 

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