Our New Name

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It’s a new day for Made By Survivors. We have a new name to better describe what we do.

Over the years, with support from so many, we have expanded our services to better serve those women who no longer fear being sold into slavery. Lucky us. Good for them. Thanks to you all.

Our board chair, Abby Fabiaschi, explains what we wanted to encompass with our updated identity: “We aren’t a band-aid charity. We provide long-term, intensive interventions that uplift survivors to a place of fiscal and personal independence. The path is different for every girl with whom we
work, and we wanted a name that reflects all the possibilities stemming from consistent, dignified shelter, education, and employment."

Her Future Coalition.

The name speaks to our mission to work with survivors to build a path they are capable of walking and proud to call their own. Her Future Coalition will continue to grow our capabilities and programs within our three core competencies:

Shelter: After rescue, providing shelter is critical. The shelters we work with provide a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment for the girls to begin the next step of their journey.

Education: Most survivors come to us with little or no formal education. Our younger survivors and at-risk girls are often able to catch up with customized literacy and academic programs. Her Future Coalition continues sponsorship as far as the girls can go. This route allows survivors to follow the career paths of their own choosing. Many opt for social ser- vices, nursing, and other engaged work that allows them to give back.

Employment: Survivors are stigmatized by society and often disowned by their families. Fiscal independence erases that stigma. Older survivors are often unable to take a traditional academic path to employment. Our job training programs lead to high-wage, empowering options within our partner communities.

With our continued growth, it is time to grow our dedicated team. Sarah Symons and John Berger founded Made By Survivors in 2005. They remain steadfast in their dedication to Her Future Coalition. Sarah will continue her work running our programs, managing our partner network, and working directly with the girls, but it is no longer humanly possible for her to manage everything as the only US staff member. To that end, we are pleased to welcome our new Executive Director,

Kristy Norbert. "I am honored to take on this role and help survivors rise up from their involuntary circumstances for a chance at a new life. We must never stand aside when it comes to the human rights of our sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. There is a lot of good work to do, and I'm excited to be a part of it.”

Sarah Symons: "I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a person of such integrity, commitment, talent and heart to help take this organization forward! Once you take these girls into your own heart, then you have limitless energy and motivation to protect them, and to nurture their dreams. Kristy deeply understands and embodies this ideal. I feel like the luckiest woman alive - first to be able to do this work with our amazing girls, and now to be able to do it with a partner like Kristy!’”

Her Future Coalition is in awe of the possibilities and opportunities opening up in the wake of these changes. We appreciate your support and hope you will continue to work with us to make many more futures bright.
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