Management Team

Sarah Symons, Founder and CEO - Sarah started HFC in 2005 with her husband John Berger.  Formerly, she was a composer of music for TV and film, and before that, a counselor and art teacher at Creative Arts Workshops in New York City.   Author of THIS IS NO ORDINARY JOY.  View Sarah's TED Talk about Living Heroically.  Sarah is passionate about empowering survivors to be change-makers in their families and communities.  St. Augustine, FL 

John Berger, CFA - Co-Founder  - John brings 18 years of Wall Street business experience to the organization. He was an investment banker at Prudential Securities, Smith Barney, Schwab Capital Markets, and BB&T. John is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has extensive experience evaluating, improving, and financing business models and marketing strategies in a variety of industries. St. Augustine, FL

Heather Deyo, Director of Business and Development  - Heather has her MBA and was formerly CPA and executive with Arthur Andersen and J.D.Edwards & Co.  A native of South Africa, she co-founded a thriving HIV/AIDS charity there.  Heather joined the Her Future team in 2016.  Jacksonville, FL 

 Nafiza Khatun, India Director - Nafiza has a degree in Business from Chandra Chowdury College and is passionate about commerce as a means for uplifting vulnerable women.  Before coming to HFC, she worked as a community liaison, computer skills tutor, and counselor at Apne Aap and Uddami. In addition to managing our Jewelry Production Unit, Nafiza is designing a computer literacy program for us.  Calcutta, India

Paul Suit, Managing Director -  Paul left a career in business management at The Body Shop to join our organization in 2009. He moved to Calcutta to establish our first jewelry training programs and enjoyed 8 years of tremendous success, before moving to Thailand to establish programs there.  He is the co-founder of Animal People Alliance, a nonprofit which employs vulnerable people to care for street animals in Calcutta.  Chiang Rai, Thailand

Soma Seal, Program Director  - In addition to her counseling, training, translation and management roles, Soma is a gifted goldsmith and jewelry designer!  In her spare time, she runs House of Hope, a sewing project providing much-needed income to women in her community.   Soma is passionate about making sure that all our women enjoy the freedom to express themselves. Calcutta, India 


 Part-time and Volunteer Staff:  

Our work would not be possible without the dedication and brilliance of our part-time staff and volunteers, including Maura Hurley, School Sponsorship Coordinator, Sarah Annay, Photography Program Manager, Nancy Edwards, Jewelry Trainer/Designer, Felicity Denby, Jewelry Trainer/Designer and Dianna Badalament, Jewelry trainer and Training Program Creator. 




Board of Directors

Diane Davalos Beale, Board Chair -  When Diane saw the documentary “The Day My God Died” in 2009 she felt that abusing the most innocent and vulnerable among us for huge profits was the most egregious injustice on the planet.  Diane is President of Her Future Colorado and works with a dedicated group of people to educate and fundraise in support of our mission.  Diane has run her company, Expanded Learning, for 35 years, and recently completed the first draft of a novel.  Denver, CO

Jeanette Pavini - Two-time Emmy Award winning consumer and investigative reporter. Producer - RealDeal Productions, Columnist - MarketWatch.  Jeanette made a documentary short film about Her Future Coalition (then Made by Survivors) in 2011.  Bay Area, CA

Shira Weinert Cornfeld -  As an arts program manager for multiple nonprofits, and a New York City public school teacher, Shira has dedicated much of her life to art education and community development through the arts. She has been passionate about the power of arts to heal and transform lives, including her own, since childhood as the daughter of an artist. She has been working in the field since she was 16.  Brooklyn, NY

Jenny Hansell - Jenny has worked in nonprofits for 30 years, in program planning, development and executive leadership. She is currently President of the Berkshire Natural Resources Council in Pittsfield, MA, and prior to that she led the North East Community Center in Millerton NY for 17 years. She writes about film and dance, studies improv theater, and has been friends with HFC founder and director Sarah Symons since the sixth grade. Northampton. MA

Sarah Symons, Founder and CEO