Management Team

Sarah Symons, Founding Director - 
Sarah started HFC in 2005 with her husband John Berger.  Formerly, Sarah was a composer of music for TV and film, and before that, a counselor and art teacher at Creative Arts Workshops in New York City.   Author of THIS IS NO ORDINARY JOY.  View Sarah's TED Talk about Living Heroically.  St. Augustine, FL 

Kristy Whitman Norbert, Executive Director - Kristy has been working in the non profit and social science field for the past sixteen years. Kristy has worked with a variety of marginalized populations both abroad and in the States, and has a passion for developing socially conscious people and organizations.  New London, CT

Paul Suit, Managing Director -  Before moving to Calcutta to work at HFC, Paul was a District Sales Manager at The Body Shop and served on their Grants Committee.  Paul is a lifelong advocate for women, children and animals, and oversees our shelter and employment projects in India as well as our newest employment and education program in Chiang Rai, Thailand    


Soma Seal, Program Manager and Social Work Supervisor - In addition to her counseling, training, translation and management roles, Soma is a gifted goldsmith and jewelry designer!  In her spare time, she runs House of Hope, a sewing project providing much-needed income to women in her community.   Soma is passionate about making sure that all our women enjoy the freedom to express themselves. Calcutta, India 




Nafiza Khatun, Program Director - Nafiza has a degree in Business from Chandra Chowdury College and is passionate about commerce as a means for uplifting vulnerable women.  Before coming to HFC, she worked as a community liaison, computer skills tutor, and counselor at Apne Aap and Uddami. Calcutta, India


John Berger, CFA - Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor


 Part-time, Volunteer and Advisory Staff:  

Our work would not be possible without the dedication and brilliance of our part-time staff, volunteers and advisors, including Maura Hurley, School Sponsorship Coordinator, Sarah Annay, Photography Program Manager and Natasha Webster, Social Media Manager.







Board of Directors

Diane Davalos Beale, Board Chair -  When Diane saw the documentary “The Day My God Died” in 2009 she felt that abusing the most innocent and vulnerable among us for huge profits was the most egregious injustice on the planet.  Diane is President of Her Future Colorado and works with a dedicated group of people to educate and fundraise in support of our mission.  Diane has run her company, Expanded Learning, for 35 years, and recently completed the first draft of a novel.  Denver, CO

Peg Cafferty -  Filmmaker, Screenwriter; Campaign Producer of INDIA'S DAUGHTER, a documentary film about the notorious Delhi bus rape, and numerous other films, through her company Dahooma Productions.  Peg enjoys telling amazing stories through TV and film.  Peg is a relationship builder, a connector, a lover of life, art and all who create it.  She holds the issue of human trafficking close to her heart, and is ready to always stand up for what is right in this world.   Montclair, NJ  

Chetana Godwa - Chet graduated from Johns Hopkins with a BA in economics. After working for a few years, she went on to get her masters in finance from the London School of Economics. She worked for Ernst and Young until 2010 when she resigned to stay at home with her two boys. Chet is passionate about getting involved with the fight against human trafficking in India, where her parents were born and extended family remains. Chet lives in Tampa, Florida.


Sarah Symons, Founding Director