Invisible World Studs - Silver

Delicate and intriguing stud earrings, .6" tall, in sterling silver, are part of a collection designed by the women of our jewelry program in partnership with Dawn Moran, a researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  

All of the pieces in the collection were inspired by plankton - an invisible but absolutely essential part of our world.  Plankton are microscopic organisms drifting in the sea or fresh water.   Fish and marine mammals depend on plankton for their survival. Plankton are invisible, but they account for 50% of the photosynthesis on this planet, so they are crucial for regulating the carbon in our atmosphere.  Similarly, women in many cultures - such as the ones our survivors come from - are sometimes invisible in society.  They are not seen, respected or appreciated, yet they play and essential role in the family, community, society and life itself.  

This pendant was designed by Polly, inspired by the Triceratium plankton.

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