Learning To Trust Earrings

Made By Survivors

1.2" sterling silver earring with delicate cut-out pattern and large pearl accent. The Learning to Trust Earrings feature a rose in bloom. This design, by Paromita Rai, represents the beautiful transformation she has experienced in her life as she has learned to trust and love more freely and fully. Roses are an ancient symbol of love, compassion, and beauty in both Western and Indian culture. A bouquet of red roses, often used to show love, is used as a Valentine's Day gift in many countries. In ancient India the cosmic rose, known as Tripurasundari, symbolizes, at the same time, the beauty, the strength and the wisdom of the divine Mother. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the form of the rose evokes the cup of life or the center of Mandala, a configuration of geometric shapes, which symbolizes a meditational path to Nirvana.

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