Moebius Ring

Unisex Sterling Silver Ring. The Moebius circle is an symbol for infinity, boundlessness, and the connectedness of all creation, in Sacred Geometry. It is a surface with only one side and no boundary - it goes on forever without reaching an edge, so if you drew a line all the way along the one side of the circle, you would finish up on the same side where you started. Knowing that there is no distinction between the inside and outside of the circle, but only one, long, continuous side, helps us to realize the oneness in all things. The artists who have made this pendant have been faced with countless obstacles and boundaries in their lives. In fact, up to now, their lives have been defined by limitations - 'you can't go to school', 'you can't be free', 'you have to do this or that'. But today, their futures and their opportunities feel infinite and boundless, and we wish the same for every person who wears this pendant. Designed by Martina Buesing Stein.

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