Learning To Trust Necklace

Made By Survivors

Bold statement necklace, 2.2" tall in sterling silver with large pearl accent bead. The Learning to Trust Necklace depicts an assymetrical heart, with rose petals cut from its interior. For designer Paromita, the heart is a metaphor for the feeling that her heart has been expanding since she began allowing trust and love back into her life. In her job at Made by Survivors, Paromita has found friends and mentors who have helped her overcome the hurt of the past and to love more freely and fully. Roses are an ancient symbol of love, compassion, and beauty in both Western and Indian culture. A bouquet of red roses, often used to show love, is used as a Valentine's Day gift in many countries. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the form of the rose evokes the cup of life or the center of Mandala, a configuration of geometric shapes, which symbolizes a meditational path to Nirvana.

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