Raindrops Bracelet

Made By Survivors

 The Raindrops Bracelet was designed by survivor Baby B. and inspired by the monsoon rains that not only bring relief from the extreme heat of soaring summer temperatures, but also brings the water needed for all living things to thrive.

Made By Survivors Jewelry Program Director Dianna Badalament fondly remembers working with Baby on this design: "Baby made this gorgeous pair of earrings and as soon as I saw them, I knew they would be fast-tracked for the jewelry line. So, in anticipation, we spent the entire day going through the process of how to reproduce a jewelry sample for production: writing out the instructions, sawing the templates, measuring and recording all the specifics. It was a long but fantastic day- a totally new experience for Baby and completely new teaching experience for me; I think it is a day we'll both never forget".


Sterling Silver Teardrop shapes on handmade chain, with Iolite accent beads 7.5" long.

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