Remember Earrings with Onyx

Made By Survivors

Made By Survivors jewelry enables you to become part of the solution and to help courageous individuals forge a brighter future after surviving some of the most severe human rights abuses.

According to the UN, there are over 29 million people living as slaves in today's world. Millions more are trapped in child marriage, child labor, or other forms of exploitation.

The gemstone beads woven into the wire of the Remember Earrings represent the human soul trapped in slavery or exploitation. They were designed as a gentle reminder of all those who are still oppressed or enslaved, and a reminder to be grateful for our own freedom and opportunities, as we strive for greater justice for all humanity.

Although there is a basic formula to fabricating these earrings, each one is strung uniquely with beads at different points, making each pair as unique as the artisans themselves and their life experiences.

  • Hammered Sterling Silver
  • 1.75" in an Ellipse Shape
  • Woven With Silver Wire and Finished With Onyx Stones

 Become part of the solution and add the these wonderful earrings to your wardrobe today.

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